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Part the First

Where I am born and grow into childhood

Part the Second

Where Jim and Susan and Carl get ready for me and I come to my new home

Part the Third

Where I become involved in the family business

Part the Fourth

Where I experience my veryfirst shedding and make magic

Part the first.

I hope I have all this correct as most of this was told to me by others because I was too small to understand at the time.  I was born in the heart of the Catskills at Spang Angoras Rabbitry .  I have a brother and a sister.

Here we are at 3 weeks.

I'm the one in the middle. 

I stayed with my mom and siblings for several more weeks until we were big enough to be more on our own.   Here I am at 2 months with a bit more fluff.  Susan loved the color combination of my ears, blue grey wool and the towel.

Meanwhile, Susan and Jim were spending lots of time researching and learning about my needs and preparing for me.  Many cups of coffee were drunk while they designed and redesigned my space.


Part the Second

Jim and Susan went to Pet Depot where they picked out the best extra large dog crate they had.  Then Jim modified it so a bunny could live there instead of Basel. He made a second level and a ramp for me.   Susan decided I needed to look at more than a wall so painted a nice spring scene that is from my viewpoint.  Carl painted the entire outside twice.

 The trip to my new home was very long on a hot July day. I did not see much of it as I was snuggled in a nice small dog carrier with water, ice and hay.  It was a bit exhausting but being able to sleep in such a comfy space was very welcoming.

I have the greatest family any bunny could have.  Amy Spang says she has never seen such a fantastic bunny house before.  Of course it did not take long before I was also running around in a dog pen attached to my quarters. 


Part the Third

I like exploring and soon was introduced to a spinning wheel. Susan kept saying that eventually I would sit on her lap while she spun.  It has not yet happened as I am a large bunny to balance while spinning and treadling but she has spun up my combings while I played on the deck.





Part the Fourth

In November I started to shed.  Susan combed me all out over a 2 day period.   That night it got very cold and she was worried I would be cold too but I fooled her.  I just grew more wool as I needed it. By the morning I had about an inch of new fuzz all over my back!! Neat bunny trick.

This past winter was so fun.  I played in the snow and sat in the wind and had a very good time.   Susan kept saying how amazing it was that I felt comfortable at zero degrees.

May 2006

I am all grown up now.  I am one year old!  I have just shed out and am growing back my wool quickly, but not as quickly as last fall.  Ma says she may have to shear me this summer to keep me cool. 

I have been enjoying speaking with the returning birds  and exchanging winter stories. The chipmunk has finally moved out of my house back into the woodpile.  He still visits and eat seeds out of my dish.  Did I tell you he burrowed a nice nest into the hay on the bottom level of my house and hid there from storms this past winter? He doesn't talk much but was good company.

All winter Susan bought dandelion greens at Wegmans so I was able to have greens everyday.  Since it got warmer Mom has been feeding me fresh dandelion, dandelion flowers and clover from the yard. She says she will soon take me to the pond when she and Basel go there for meditation.   Well.... Basel really goes to swim and Mom likes to sit on the small dock.  I think I will get to graze and meet the dragonflies.  I'll let you know.







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