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General Accessories      
Spinner's Gift Kits  • Yarn Measurer  •  Kitchener Stitch Dog TagOrifice Threading Hooks  •  Wpi Gauge Card •  Oil Bottles • Knit Kits


Single/Double Drive Poly Bands

  • Fits any size single drive wheel (and many doubles) with ease. 
  • No more gluing, melting or matches to mess with.
  • Each single kit contains 7.5 feet of cording, easy to install instructions and comes in your choice of colors
  • Makes tensioning a breeze.
  • This band also works on my Minstrel in double drive and several others as well. It does not work as a double on a Wendy. If you wish to try out one in double, order the Double Drive option. Each double kit comes with 15 feet of cording, easy to install instructions and your choice of colors.

             This item is getting rave reviews!!!!

Buy 1 single for $8.50  or 2 singles for $16.00

Purchase 1 Double for $13.50

size choices

Also available packaged in the Spinner's Gift Kit


"You were right!!  Your poly-cord beats that plastic thing hands down."


Spinners and Knitters

Gauge Wpi Card

Spinners - You can now spin your singles in the exact thickness required for any designated ply. No more wrapping for 2 inches and measuring. Just place your single or plied yarn over the lines on the card until if covers one closely and wha la - you know the gauge, needle size and yarn weight.

Knitters - Ever lose that label band? Or put away some nice leftover yarn then wonder what weight it was? Here's your answer.


Each 2 5/8" x 3 7/8" card is made of durable, laminated plastic. Included is key chain so you can hang this card or carry it however you like.

$8.75 - 9.50

Choose from a blue, pale green, creme or pale grey or transparent card

The key chain color

will be left to the Universe.

card color/price

"I received my drive bands and yarn gauge yesterday. What fast service!
Just wanted to say thanks. I appreciate the products and the excellent

Happy spinning,"  Linda H

Oil Bottles

Pure light oil in a capped refillable 15 ml leakproof container with a metal injector applicator. Perfect for your wheel and its leather parts.

Our new bottles contain 1oz (old ones were 0.5oz) and are Made in the USA.


out of stock

Also available packaged in the
Spinner's Gift Kit


The 'Swiss Army Tool' for Knitters

Contains 8 essential accessories, all in one slim case,


is TSA compliant.

  1. Stitch counter
  2. Crochet hook.
  3. Folding scissors.
  4. Tape Measure.
  5. Stitch markers.
  6. Darning needle.
  7. Tip protectors.
  8. Needle gauge with both US (000 -15, including 1.5 & 2.5) & metric sizing(1.5mm-10mm)

4.75" x 3.5" x 0.625"

Made in the USA

"I carry mine everywhere my knitting goes. Comes in so handy." BT 

from "The Knit Kit is a great way to keep a bunch of knitting supplies together in a way that makes it less likely you'll lose them, as long as you remember to replace things after you've used them. It's easy to grab, throw in your knitting bag and go with the assurance that you'll have most of the tools you might need while on the go."

2015 color is periwinkle blue


retails for $26.00 - $30

Priced below retail @ $29.99



Kitchener Stitch dog tags

Never again be stuck because you forgot how to start this grafting method or just cannot remember what order to work the stitches. 

Comes with illustrated instructions for this essential grafting method plus the dog tags that can be chained to your knitting or accessory bag.


on backorder



kitchener stitch dog tag

Spinner's Gift Kits

Make your favorite spinner gleeful with our kits wrapped in tissue paper in a gift bag with a gift tag!

Basic #1  $24.25

Basic #2    $28.25


Basic Kits


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