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Fine Wooden Accessories  mostly 'by Jim'
   orifice hooks     Beka Swift       Folding Stools      Spindles

Nøstepinnes  (pronounced  nost a pin a) (from the Scandinavian Nøstepinde)


L->R: Canarywood (no longer available), Walnut, Walnut, Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Mahogany

These tools are especially useful when you only have one spindle and it is full or you have just purchased a skein of yarn that needs winding.

The Summer issue of Interweave Knits has a feature extolling the Nostepinne's virtues.

A very old tool that is so useful.  Many of us now have crank ball winders but they are rather cumbersome to bring along on retreats or in a suitcase when traveling.  

When I was getting ready to go to CA, Jim made me a smaller version that fit easily into my spindle bag.  The smaller ones work just as well as the larger models.

Small  ($24) available in Cherry, Maple, Sapelle Mahogany and Walnut

Large ($26) available in Maple, Sapelle Mahogany and Walnut



Here's a YouTube video that shows how to do the winding on so you get a nice egg or rounded center pull ball.

And here is a downloadable pdf.

And from Hatchtown Farm, another good explanation.

Orifice Threading Hooks

Hand crafted of maple or cherry with brass tails.

No two are alike. We will choose for you. Some have a hanging cord, others do not.  Please let us know if you need one with an extra long hook or a cord.

orifice hooks


Comes in its own draw string bag. 


Also available packaged in the Spinner's Gift Kit



Now available especially for a Baynes.


orifice hook on Baynes

Made of maple or cherry, each turned handle is unique, with a brass hook that fits this wheel just right. $18.50  Please let us know your wood preference.


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