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Customer Creations

We are thrilled to be presenting the wonderful items our customers are creating and sharing.

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from Judi L

Susan -judi's baby sweater
here are pictures of my sweater. I am really thrilled with it!

Made from Clematis Vine Woody

from Ann B

Hibiscus top into yarn

I give you Hibiscus singles. They are now plied and I got 1108 yards @20-22WPI Fun stuff. Starting Sivia Harding's "Diamond Fantasy Shawl" with it tonight.


from Carla G

carla's bfl

I've attached a photo of my spinning/knitting since mid-summer. I began by spinning brightly coloured BFL that I got from Gale's Art at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I thought that 4oz would be plenty to keep me busy on my three-week trip in June, but I had it all spun in a few days, when I sent you a frantic e-mail asking for more BFL in the "Sunrise" tones. While I was waiting for that to arrive, I began knitting what I had already spun into the center of a garter-stitch shawl. After your BFL arrived, I began spinning that and adding on to the knitting.

The picture shows the unspun fleece, my Golding spindle with a small cop of singles, a full cop on the niddy-noddy, some of the spun and wound multi-colour, all against the background of the growing shawl.

from Debbi

Debbi's tote bag

Just completed the small "around the square bag" with the tamarack and spruce yarn, both purchased at the Fingerlakes Fiber Festival. I am a fairly new knitter and really enjoyed speaking with you at the festival. I have already put it on the calendar for next year. The pattern was easy to follow and the yarn (corrie) was so easy to work with. I was quite pleased with the results (below), also this was my first felted project and my first time working on double pointed needles. I have made hats on ciculars and finished on DPN's but never worked an entire project from start to finish. Just ordered more yarn. Thanks again!


from Lesia T

Lesia's Baynes wheel

The bobbins remind me of the song "I like traffic lights" The wheel was unfinished, my DH used polyurethane. I painted three of the four bobbins with paintsticks from R&FPaints. The wheel looks great and is wonderful to use.

from Trish B

T&S scarf and hand spun

When I posted these photos on Ravelry someone suggested I send them to you. I had always meant to, so that was just a reminder to finally get around to doing it!

I have really loved spinning your Targhee, and finally got to knit with it as well.

The Tamarack and Spruce was for me, and I finally decided to use it, and knit the scarf in one week (almost non-stop I think, since it was about 35,000 stitches!)
Ravelry: BloominKnitiot's Handspun Targhee 10-07

from Helene M

Helene's Baynes wheel

from Helene M

Helene's woven scarf

The wheel was finished with a dark walnut stain and then a hand rubbed wax finish, much like older wheels. I did the same for the bobbins as well. The wool was the corriedale sample you sent me when I purchased the wheel. I spun it and plied it into three ply yarn and then wove it into a scarf. I hope you enjot the pictures. I certainly had fun creating them!

removed at the request of the customer

from Ann B

hibiscus scarf hand spun

This is one I did with Hibiscus in superwash merino and tencel for my sister-in-law for Christmas. 2plied, it came out 24wpi and I was so pleased with it that I have since made another one for myself, also with the Hibiscus. I still have lots more.....sure bought a lot. The pattern is Flower Basket

from Kristin C

blueberry patch sweater

I finished the BFL blueberry patch sweater this weekend. Thanks for such a great colorway!

from Judy D

silk and wool felted scarf

The scarf above uses some of the hand-painted silk I bought from you in December. It is entitled "Walk in the Woods." A path winds through meadows of flowers and ferns, leading to a forest of tall hemlock trees. It is inspired by walks in the Adirondacks. It is made of merino wool felted onto silk gauze. and heavily embellished with some of your dyed silk fiber, habotai silk, silk hankies, some Cotswold curls and art yarn.

from Robin W

felted purse

Just want to make things out of your wonder fiber! I'm attaching pictures of the purses I just hand-felted with some of the fiber and scraps you sent me a few months ago, along with our very own alpaca fiber.

from Sharon W

hand spun sweater

Attached is a picture of the sweater using your space dyed Merino and tencel. Thank you so much for your attention to my special order. The sweater is going to Riverside for the Southern California Handweavers Conference at the end of this week. I'll let you know if it wins any awards.
Thanks again

from Katherine

beginning spinning kit sample

Good Morning Susan;
I just wanted to share with you my daughter's beginning spinning. I gave her one of your 'Beginning Spinning Kit' combinations in the beginning of December and this is the 'fun' roving from that kit. She started spinning this 2oz just two weeks ago!
Your kit is perfect!

Thanks So Much

A very Satisfied Customer.

from Jill H

baynes bobbin

first plied yarn

Here is my first really full bobbin, and my first ply. Just so proud of myself.



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