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Customer Creations 2012

We are thrilled to be presenting the wonderful items our customers are creating and sharing.

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from Noriko

baynes wheel

I assembled the wheel last night!
The instructions were a bit hard to understand for me wothout any pictures,
but I could assembled my wheel anyway. :)
I'm so happy to see this beautiful & compact spinning wheel!!

I finished it with....
*Linseed oil 3 times (only 1 time for the wheel)
*Beeswax with mineral oil 1 time

And this is how it looks.

from Elaine H

elaines Baynes

Thank you so much for your prompt service. My wheel arrived last Sat and I have spent this week playing with it.

from Libby

libby's shawl

Here’s a photo of the “Springtime Bandit” shawlette that I did in the Panda yarn in Cinnamon Stick – thought you might like to see it – it came out great – it’s in my window, front and center.

from Heike

pixie batt

I just wanted to tell you, that I finished the first (pixie) batt... And I´ve got about 350 yards...
The beginning was hard for me, because the fiber I spun before was totally different than the batt. But I got familiar with my batt and now it is going easier.
I really love my first real finished green yarn.

The yarn is so soft :-)

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from Aaron

hilltopper spinnign wheel

Here's a good shot of the Hilltopper wheel and lazy Kate in my living room.



from Gail E

clematis vine yarn

The pic does not do the colorway (Clematis Vine) justice. It is gorgeous. Loving your fiber and my new Baynes wheel is amazing. It has elevated my spinning to a new level. Can't stop spinning. Gail

from Jody


oak moss bfl/silk

I'm very excited about the final yarn in Oak Moss bfl/silk, though I don't know that I'll cast it on any time soon.

from Meg

meg's gloves

The gloves are in Sherbert & Ernie in Polwarth and Libby loves them!


from Gayle

gayle heart to heart


also from Gayle

gayle heart to heart close shawl

"This is from the fiber I carded with the silk from the wristlet from Jan fondle this. I could not use that beautiful silk in a bracelet. I carded it with 2 different shades of wool--the eggplant and raspberry ice that I left you the message about. Then spun it into lace weight."

Gayle was very brave to take on knitting this Heart to Heart neckerchief, from Knitter's Mag K105, into a larger shawl. The original pattern calls for 1000 beads so this one has even more.

Way to go Gayle!

from Janet M

"I wanted to share some pictures of the Braque Socks in your lovely burgundy (black cherry) colorway. I love the pattern."

janet's socks

from Sharon F

"The scarf I created from your lovely wool and silk roving." Butterfly Bush

sharon's nuno scarf

from Jane R

"I am Jane from Brazil. I love spinning but here it is not popular at all, and I have great trouble finding good fiber to spin. Luckily there are shops like yours online! I discovered you recently and ordered a 4oz merino/tencel top in Hibiscus. It spun wonderfully and with the resulting yarn I knitted the Helix Scarf."

hibiscus hand spun

jane's scarf

from Ruth

Handspun merino wool and cashmere, plied with a blue thread, and knitted into baby booties for a shower gift, for a young coworker.

A Fondle This! 2012 Kit

baby booties











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