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Blue Wave Special


Because staying quiet

is no longer

a viable option.


Part of the profits from each sale will

be donated

to a Progressive/Realist Candidate

running for office in 2018.

Primaries start in March.

If you are not already,

please get yourself

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Spin your fiber to DK or worsted

then knit this hat

by Donna Druchunas.

FREE Pattern


All choices come with

0.5 oz of undyed fiber.




in Jeans

$18.75 now $16.00



in Blue Lagoon



$20.00 now $16.50



(SW USA merino/silk/stellina)




Blue Lagoon



$25.00 now $23.00



(sw mer/ mer/ silk)


Blue Lagoon

$17.25 now $16.00


black/blue face leicester



$16.25 now $15.00


Limited Quantities

of all choices.


Choose your fiber

Blue Lagoon







Special Buy

Zebra Merino

top left = Raspberry; top right = Caribbean Sea

bottom left = Peri Hazy; bottom right = Washed Jeans

very bottom = undyed

We've been able to purchase some black and white merino

at a special price

which we are passing along

to you.

For a limited time

very soft

Zebra Merino is available in

undyed and dyed

4oz twists and pounds.

Normally $18 per 4 oz twist.

On sale for $16.50

Undyed twists for $10.

Pounds for $60 dyed

Undyed for $35.00


also available in MVOS

(caramel, taupe and navy)

not shown.


undyed shown above

Choices -
Choices -

 Should you want a different

color to be dyed,

please contact me.






Some pics will embiggen if you click on them.  Click here for tonal colors or scroll way down.


Orchid Tonal

lovely light to mid red purples

in Falkland and bbfl

and alp/mer/silk

Coordinates with Butterfly Bush and Sea Glass

Falkland at top, bbfl below

orchid falkland fiber top


orchid bbfl fiber


Available in bfl/silk, silkino and Sterling.



Delphinium Tonal 

deep rich violet purples

in Falkland

shown in Falkland

Delphinium falkand fiber



Blue Lagoon

blue lagoon falkland

Relax in the quiet of an afternoon spinning a Caribbean vacation.

sky blues with periwinkles

Available in Falkland, bfl/silk and Woody

blue lagoon bobbin





Sea Glass

sea glass spinning fiber

turquoise, bottle and sea greens + purple, orchid and fuschia

Above: bfl/silk on top, Woody in the center (SOLD OUT), silkino at the bottom

sea glass bfl singles

singles from bfl/silk on a Hilltopper

Plying suggestions: separate the colors, spin and ply with same to give very long color repeats; ply with Tropical Sea, Forest Lake or Blueberry Pie or itself or a shiny thread.



mvos fibers

top to bottom: bfk/silk, Woody (sold out) & Falkland


neutrals galore - taupes, tans, greys, caramel and navy

mvos bobbin


Roses for You

roses for you blue face silk

roses spun sample

A special bouquet of antique Gallica Roses - pinks to peach to orchid with stems, leaves and buds.

Available in bfl/silk and Falkland

Coordinates with Rose  (below)


Sherbert & Ernie

sherbert & ernie fiber

Rich delicious watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew and peach sherbet flavors all in one dish.

sherbert & ernie yarn

Available Seasonally

in alpaca/merino/silk, Falkland, bfl/silk , Panda and pounds

Butterfly Bush

butterfly bush fiber

butterfly spun yarn

butterfly/orchid hand spun yarn

Orchids, bright leaf greens and purples with a hint of white.

Available in bfl/silk & Falkland,

Coordinates with Fern   (below)

Tamarack & Spruce

better pic coming soon


shown in alpaca/merino/silk below

tamarack and spruce top

T&S bfl silk

One of our Manly Colors - Grayed greens with muted golden brown and rust. Shown in SW bfl.

Available in bfl/silk & Falkland



Autumn Sunset

autumn sunset fiber

Rusts, corals, dusty purples all striping together at the end of the day or at the end of your toes.




Available in pounds only

Falkland and bfl/silk

Coordinates with Cinnamon Stick (below)









hibiscus fiber

hibiscus tam

A glowing combination of corals, pinks, shrimp and raspberry flowers.


in bfl/silk &Falkland

Coordinates with Sunrise (below)


Clematis Vine

clematis vine alpaca merino silk

clematis vine yarn sample

Lavenders and pale orchid with leafy greens.  Lovely flowers twining up  your foot.

Available seasonally in Falkland,

Coordinates with Blueberry Pie (below)

Tropical Sea

tropical sea fiber

tropical sea spun yarn sample

Take a cooling swim underwater with teal, turquoise, jade and a bit of blue. 

Available in bfl/silk & Falkland

NOTE: Turquoise and teal are bleeding colors. The skeins have been rinsed up to 5 times but may still do some bleeding.





Blueberry Patch

Blueberry patch fiber

blueberry patch hand spun woody

blueberry hand spun falkland

Blues through purples and lavenders with a bit of soft green. Delicious.

Available in bfl/silk & Falkland,

Coordinates with Jeans (below

Oriental Poppies

oriental poppies

poppies on spindle

Available in 1# orders in bfl/silk &

Falkland or bbfl



paintbox bfl

Hand dyed such fun colors - Remember that long thin box of water paints you had as a kid?  Now you can have the same fun knitting an abstract painting for your feet or grandchild.

Available in 1# orders only


Bistro hand dyed fiber top

Soft pinks through mauves, with silver greys to dark greys and natural white.

Think of sipping coffee or tea under a canopy while listening to jazz and watching folks go by.

bistro singles fiber

Available in pounds in blueface/silk

special order only


plummy yarn sample

Available in 1# orders in Falkland




viburnum panda top

viburnum spun

Woody on top, Falkland below

Deep burgundy wine with fall greens and a bit of yellow green.

Special Order



fingering  & sock yarn





hand spun tonal samplesClockwise from top left:  rose, sunrise, fern, bark, jeans, forest lake, blueberry pie

You will find small spots of other colors here and there on your tonal top. They are indicative of my special dyeing techniques.


mahogany bfl/sil

Now available in pounds of bfl/silk and Falkland

Cinnamon Stick

cinnamon stick panda top

Rich paprika cinnamon tones. Shown in Panda

Coordinates with Autumn Sunset (above)

Available in  black/blue face leicester




jeans 3 ply hand spun

jeans bbfl

shown in bbfl

All the shades of  your well washed jeans. (shown in Panda)

Available in  black/blue face leicester, and Woody

Coordinates with Blueberry Patch (above)

Forest Lake



forest lake single spun

forest lake bbfl

shown in bbfl

A woody muted blend of spruce and green blues.

Available in black/blue face leicester

Coordinates with Tropical Sea (above)

Creme Brulee

creme brulee bfl top

Shades of cream, with bits of rich rusts and butterscotch.


Available in  black/blue face leicester, and bfl/silk pounds

Looks beautiful with Black Cherry and MVOS


fern bfl fiber top

Rich hues of mossy sage greens.

Available in black/blue face leicester

Coordinates with Roses for You, Sherbert & Ernie and Blueberry Patch

Blueberry Pie

blueberry pie bfl

Muted red violets with blues.

Usually is a bit darker than this picture.

Available in  black/blue face leicester

Coordinates with Blueberry Patch

Leaf Tonal

light to mid leafy greens with bits of reddish purples

leaf falkland

in Falkland

Coordinates with Clematis Vine, Blueberry Patch, Butterfly Bush and Roses for You




rose roving top hand spinning

Mauves, rose and pinks.

Available in  black/blue face leicester

Coordinates with Roses for You



bark blue face leicester

mahogany to chocolatey browns, very rich

Available in  black/blue face leicester pounds

Coordinates with Anshan's Biscotti

Black Cherry/Velvet Merlot/Sangria

Mid to dark shades of deep wines, purples and red violets.

black cherry bbfl roving fiber

shown in bbfl

Coordinates with Virburnum

Available in  black/blue face leicester, and Falkland

also in pounds in many of our fibers.




Evening Star

evening start bbfl fiber

Rich blues to blue purples.  Fiber shown in bbfl


Available in  black/blue face leicester,


Payne's Grey

payne's grey

mid to dark greys with the wee bitiest hint of teal.

Available in Bbfl.



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