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      Fondle This!          


A Fiber of the Month Club

Each month, from January to October, you will receive 2-6 ounces (57-170g) of either hand dyed or natural colored fiber PLUS a pattern.

Many fibers will be luxurious and hand dyed in new colorways** (or if a standard colorway then the dyed fiber is not usually available). Some fibers will be left undyed so you can enjoy their natural beauty.

All patterns will be chosen as a complement with the particular month's fiber &/or especially created for this club. How to join.


2008 selections



animated panda bamboo6 oz of Hand Dyed Superwash MERINO /BAMBOO /Nylon

coupled with a Knitting Pure anchild bolerod Simple Child's Bolero sweater pattern.


shipped 1/14-17


Spin to a worsted weight single going in the plying direction.


 grey llama5 oz Natural Grey Heather BABY LLAMA

and contrasting thread

            shipped 2/12

coupled with an original Spinning Bunny Showl and Tell pattern

llama mini showl

that combines a rectangular shawl with a scarf.

Spin to 10-16 wpi thick'n thin single and then ply with contrasting thread for a neat wrapped thread look.


chocolate alpaca4oz Dark Chocolate Fine ALPACA/SILK

shipped 3/16

paired with a

Viking Bag

2 sticks purse




Spin to ~26 wpi and make a 2 ply worsted yarn


                            cashmere goat    2oz (57g) of hand dyed CASHMERE/MERINO


shipped 4/17


and a Doily Beret pattern from HeartStrings.

doily beret

Spin 2 singles at ~35- 40 wpi, ply to 16 -18wpi for a luxurious treat.


blue faced leicester sheep6 oz of hand dyed SUPERWASH



paired with a Goddess Knits original sock pattern

goddess knits logo

Spin 40-42 wpi singles, then to a 2 ply fingering weight yarn at ~18 wpi.


merino4oz Hand Dyed SUPERFINE MERINO



coupled with a spinning Bunny original

Santa Clara Stole/Wrap.santa clara wrap



spin to 36- 40 wpi and ply to a fingering wt 18wpi

Ordering info below.


silk worm4oz Merino/ Tussah silk

(from silk worms fed a variety of leaves)


paired with a HeartStrings

Skinny on Lace Scarf pattern.

lace scarf







Spin to  a plied lace weight yarn.



cultivated silk3 oz Hand Dyed CULTIVATED SILK

(from Bombyx silk worms fed only mulberry leaves)



coupled with a beautiful pillow cover pattern.

pillow silk



Spin singles to ~36 wpi and ply to sport~16-18wpi


angora rabbit2 oz of Hand dyed ANGORA / SILK / MERINO


2 oz of Falkland

coupled with our very popular

Simple Faroese Shawl beginning faroese shawl

$2 from each membership will be donated to American Humane

Spin singles to 38-42 wpi and ply to fingering 17-18 wpi


baby camel with mom3 oz NATURAL BABY CAMEL / MERINO

and a HeartStrings

Handsome Dickey pattern

just right for a's dickey







Spin to 28-32 wpi singles and ply to sport/DK~14-16 wpi

Ordering info below.

**Colors will be chosen the month before the fiber is due to be dyed.  All colors will be exclusive to club members for 6 months.  Colors and patterns will be determined by Spinning Bunny and may change to make a better kit for you.


" ...was browsing and saw all the fibers for Fondle This! and subscribed. That is the kind of fiber club for me! New and different things that I might have considered ordering, but would easily talk myself out of. I like also that you send a project's worth of fiber. Most of the other fiber clubs really require double-dosing in order to get anything worthwhile from them. I'm hoping to convince some of my spinning friends to subscribe too, because that would be more fun for me." Shelley W

"I want you to know that I absolutely love your fiber club. Its my fave of all my clubs. I love that you include a pattern and I love that its affordable. I also love that its monthly. I just love everything about it! You have a customer for life with me! "Linda

"Your club is my 'luxury' treat each month ;). I prep lots of fiber for myself, but I love yours to just mindlessly spin. And I send the knitting patterns onto a friend since I still haven't progressed past cell phone holders and scarves ;)." Heather







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