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Hand Dyed Fiber Roving Tops

Special colorway is here.

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Blue Face Leicester with Silk

bfl and cloud

75% bfl blended with 25% tussah silk

in our most popular colorways

"Oh my gosh!!!!!!   I am spinning heaven on earth." SS

4oz /113 g for $20.25

colorway choices
More choices of

fiber palette

Colorway or tonal pounds (453g) $79.00



Tonal or Colorway choice

Falkland Roving Top

falkland sheep

This versatile fiber comes from the Falkland Islands. Orignally a merino it is now a distinctly different fiber with a soft feel that is easy to spin.   The fleece is washed in alpine water and are not invaded by insects so avoids being sprayed as the fiber enters the US.

In most of our colorways.

4 oz / 113g for $13.75

colorway choices

Order a pound and save $

$53.00 for tonals and colorways

Colorway or tonal choice.

5 Fiber Sampler

Don't know which fiber to choose? Not familiar with them all?  New to spinning? Here's a way to check them all out.  Let SpinningBunny send you an ounce (28g) of 5 tops -

Our choice from:

angora/merino, SW merino/tencel, alpaca/merino/silk, SW blue face leicester, Panda, Falkland, Polwarth, merino and/or bfl/silk

in your favorite colorway. You will have enough to make a hat or scarf or a pair of socks.


10% of all sampler sales go to Heifer International  $1750 since September '07.

colorway choices

blueberry patch sampler

Blueberry Patch above.  See more samplers here.

Washable Merino / Bamboo


washing machine


Hand Dyed   Panda Top


70% Superwash Merino / 30% Bamboo        washer

This superfine Superwash Merino is 19 microns soft. It was professionally cleaned, combined with 30% bamboo that has threads of shiny bamboo throughour. I use ProChem and Cushing dyes to make my colorways, which seems to soften this shimmery combed top even more.
Lovely to hold, it spins beautifully. Imagine this running through your hands and seeing the colors blend and change. Split the snake lengthwise and spin at 36-40 wpi.  Then ply the two bobbins together and knit up into a unique pair of socks.  Also makes great baby garments.

4 oz/113g for $18.75

Now available in Parrot, Caribe!

and Aurora Borealis

More colors to come.

coloway choices






Such a special fiber.

Such a pleasure to spin.

Very silky feel.

40% sw merino / 40% merino / 20% tussah silk

In severak of our best colorways.

4oz for $17.75

Pixie Dust, Cattleya Orchid,

Sea Glass, Blue Lagoon,

Tamarack & Spruce

colorway choices


This fiber, a combo of 75% bfl and 25% black (really brown) bfl, has streaks of darker color running through it that dye to a dark brown or black with depending on the tonal. 

Try it. You'll like it.

Perfect for beginners to advanced spinners.

4oz (113g) for $16.25

Fiber color palette

tonal choices

How about a pound of our b&bfl in a tonal?

see our Fiber Color Palette

POUNDS   $61.00


tonal or colorway choice

black blue face and blue face fiber


Alpaca / Merino / Tussah Top  50/30/20


no longer available ;(

Sterling Roving

63% washable USA merino, 20% tussah silk,

15% nylon, 2% silver poly

Such a pleasure to spin. Lovely, easy to use, roving milled in PA.

Your choice of Caribbean Sea, NeverLand or Orchid

"This roving practically spins itself."


Also available in a pound

in any of our colors.

"A dream to spin." RB

"My fave." CL

4oz/ 113g for $25.00

Tonal Pounds $98.00

Colorway pounds are $100

Pound Tonal choice


See our colorways & tonals here :^)

Celebrate diversity. 

Revel in the uniqueness of your hand dyed fiber.  Each pot is a wee bit different than the next one.  Even though we use the same amount of the same dyes for the same colorway, the special way Susan mixes dye allows for each pot to be unique.

Your fiber is like no one elses!



"Good morning Susan,

I have been spinning the Falkland top you sent me on Jim's spindle this morning and I just wanted to pass on to you what a perfect combination that is. The spindle is light, smooth and balanced. The fiber is soft and beautifully dyed. I realize that I am doing something women have been doing for centuries, but your spindle and fiber make me feel like I am a little "spoiled" and privileged to be able to do it. Thank you both for providing people with such wonderful tools."

Jackie G



All of our colorways are dyed in small dyepots containing only 8 - 20 oz (227-567g) of  fiber each. We try to stay ahead but guessing which colorway is going to be most popular each week is difficult.  We, therefore, usually dye to order which means your hand dyed fiber may take a week or two to get out to you, and at holiday times may take a bit longer. Also we really do not have dyelot numbers.  It is best to order the amount you need to get the best matches.


"Well, that Tamarack & Spruce in Alpaca, Merino & Silk has been spun up and knitted up, into a Holden Shawlette and I’m very happy with the FO."


T&S meg shawl

See our colorways here


 "Here is my finished mini shawl using the Falkland handspun:terry blue lagoon

It was a delight to spin and the colors are stunning (Blue Lagoon). The design is Diantha."









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