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Merino Fibers     

The fine-wooled MERINO was derived from 'man's' first efforts to improve the fiber of his flock.  While several cultures have influenced today's MERINO, it was the Spanish who first exploited the potential of the fine wool industry.  From the fourteenth through the early nineteenth centuries, the Spanish closely controlled this valuable, "golden fleece " resource, keeping the micron count below 24. 

After a great success in early America, large scale production of MERINO fiber emigrated to Australia, South Africa and Russia.  Today, again, the American and Delaine-Merino Record Association is experiencing a robust growth in flock numbers.  Today's merino fibers are usually below 22 microns.

The merino roving choices shown here are the cleanest carded roving available which was then combed into fine aligned top for spinning into yarn.   It is grown in either South America or South Africa and processed in England.


We are no longer stocking these fibers. sorry.



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