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Most of our Yarn Kits can now be found in our etsy shop.      

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Knitter's Gift Kits

We never have enough of any of these items so they are a perfect present for any knitter.

All kits include a gift bag with tissue paper and a gift tag. Bags are either neutral or seasonal.  If you have a preference please let Susan know.

  • Kit A includes: white ring markers, T-pins and a Chibi $12.00
  • Kit B includes Kit A plus a bag of movable pins $17.00
  • Kit C includes Kit A plus a Kacha counter $20.00
  • Kit D includes Kit A plus the Woolwash $23.00
  • Deluxe Kit includes all items shown in the photo.  $35.00
Gift Choices

knitters gift kit

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Chibi holder (green) with 3 darning needles.

Kacha click counter (red)

Locking movable stitch markers (teal & orange)

16oz Lavender Scented Woolwash (no animal testing, no phosphates, bleach or dyes)

T-pins for blocking  projects

Flexible stitch markers (white)

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