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HeartStrings SOCKS Knitting Patterns   hs logo        

by knitwear designer Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer

Clearly written, comprehensive instructions written with the intention of inspiring knitters in making their own heart-felt creations.

All patterns are printed on acid-free archival quality paper inserted into 3-hole sheet protectors.

All sock patterns are cuff down unless otherwise noted.

"Should I fall asleep with my knitting in my hands, I will remember to check for signs of progress when I wake up."  Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Socks and Cuffs

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Beaded Offset Chevrons

The beauty of lace is further embellised with sparklingbeaded offset chevron socks

glass seed beads.

Uses 300 yds of fingering weight yarn, 554 size 8/0 (3mm) seed beads and US size 1 (2.25mm) needles.

Contains charted and line by line




Buffalo Beaded Socks

Made with Buffalo Gold but you canbuffalo gold socks easily substitute another fingering yarn.  Spin up some white yak and use nylon when knitting.

Instructions are for an adult medium.  Uses size 2 (3mm) needles and 310 yds (~285m) of yarn plus size 6/0 beads. Cuff down pattern.

ball of yarnball of yarn $5.00



circle socks


Circle of Friendship

- Looks great in paintbox sock yarn.

This pattern really shows off multi colored yarn.

Pattern includes stitch variations for yarn in either variegated or solid colors. Cuff down pattern.

Instructions are given for making the twisted stitch traveling cables either with or without a cable needle. Uses ~300 yds of fingering (16-17 wpi) sock yarn on size 1 needles.  ball of yarnball of yarn$4.00


autumnal soxAutumnal Equinox -- contoured textured ribbing.  Uses only 300 yards of sport yarn (13-14 wpi) on size 3 needles  for an adult medium sock.  Cuff down pattern.    $5.00


country girl soxCountry Girl - Dainty yet dignified lace patterned socks for the country girl at heart.  Shaped for a trim fit at the ankle with a notch edged lace ribbing panel at the cuff and an arrow-head lace pattern on the legs.   Uses ~ 375 yards of sock weight yarn (15-17 wpi) on size 1 needles. ball of yarnball of yarn  $4.00

comfort soxComfort Men's 2 Sock Collection Designed with the men in your life in mind. Uses ~ 275 - 430 yards of sock weight yarn (15-17 wpi) on size 2 & 3 needles. cuff down pattern. ball of yarn    $5.50

Try this in Tamarack & Spruce or Denim or Biscotti.


errant ankles soxErrant Ankles - Zig zag lace pattern with  a slight scalloped edge.  Plain or banded heel flap where the pattern borders the heel.  Swirl decrease toe.  Uses ~300 yards of sportweight yarn (13-14 wpi) on size 2 needles. ball of yarnball of yarn  $4.00

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leftt column socks


Beaded Lace Cable Mini-Studybeaded bracelet


Make this with or without beads with leftover yarn or just a bit of spinning.  4 variations of a helix cable design.  Knit some wonderful presents quickly with stash yarn. Length can easily be adjusted by working more or fewer row repeats.

Uses straight needles in size 4 (1.25mm) or 3 (1.5mm).  $6.00

Matchmaker Sport Sockssport shortie socks

A home for orphan balls of sport or DK yarn. Use up your leftovers.

Instructions for sizes 7-8.5" feet. Uses 75-105 yds/69-100m for each sock on size 2/2.75mm needles.  $5.00



Daylight & Shadows Beaded Cable Socks

A two for one pattern.

Instructions for an adult medium needing about 325 yds (~300m) of fingering weight yarn.  Uses size 1 (2.25) needles with size 8/0 beads. Cuff down pattern.

ball of yarnball of yarn$5.00

daylight and shadows sockdaylight socks detail


Hearts -

Pamper someone, even yourself, with somheart soxe pretty anklets with a dainty lace heart pattern.  Uses ~250 yards of sportweight yarn (13-14 wpi)  on size 2 needles. Spin this in alpaca/merino/silk for a luxurious feeling. ball of yarnball of yarn  $4.00



luxury soxLuxury Lace - A fine gauge sock with a simple small multiple lace motif set within ribbed columns.  Pleasantly interesting yet straight forward to knit.  Pattern is geared to luxury yarn--spin some up for your own unique sock. 450-600 yards needed or 2- 4 ounces of fiber.  Uses size 00 and 000 needles. ball of yarnball of yarnball of yarn $5.00

peek a boo soxPeek-a-Boo Flowery Anklets - The colors of flowers in your garden peek through the eyelets of a turned down cuff knitted in lacy flower motifs.  Uses ~300 MC, 100 CC yards of sock yarn (16-17 wpi) on size 1 & 2 needles. ball of yarnball of yarn $4.00


shapely sox1shapely sox2Shapely Sandal - toe up pattern in small, med and lg.  Bold lines of textured diamonds against a variegated yarn with a patterned heel. Uses a double strand of sock yarn or a single of worsted on size 4 needles.  $6.00  

Try this in Tamarack and Spruce.

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right column socks

more socks below

Pattern Knitting Levels

ball of yarneasy       ball of yarn+ advanced beginner

ball of yarnball of yarnintermediate    

  ball of yarnball of yarnball of yarnadvanced

swirling lace soxSwirling Lace Anklets - Low top socks in an intriguing lace pattern that curls this way and that.  Knits up quickly. Because it is a short sock you can successfully use silk or cotton.  Uses ~350 yds of sock yarn (15-17 wpi) on size 0 or 1 needles. ball of yarnball of yarn  $4.00


Stalwart Left Right Socks

Robust sturdy socks designed to last. Written

for a women's mstalwart sock patternedium (325yds) and a men's large (400yds). Uses sport weight yarn on size 2 (2.75mm) needles.    $5.50







A Feat of Twist Socks

feat of twist sock patternCable and Lace together in columns all the way to your toes.

Written for sizes sm(med, lg) using 265(340, 425) yards of fingering weight yarn on size 2 (2.25mm) needles.  $5.50



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simple beaded wristletsBeaded Wristlets or not-Sock Cuffs - Four easy styles of beaded garter cuffs that give you the freedom to explore a myriad of color and bead placements.  Uses about 100 yds of sock yarn on size 1 needles.  Great for using up some leftovers. ball of yarn



In through the front door,

Once around the back,

Peek through the window,

And off jumps Jack.

A rhyme to teach children to cast on


Knit yourself over,

Invite a friend too.

Leap frog over,

Lie down Sue.

A rhyme to teach children to cast off.

Under the fence,

Catch the sheep.

Back we come,

Off we leap.

A rhyme to teach children to knit.