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by Jim

Hand made of North American and plantation hardwoods by Jim Johnson.  Your choice of several woods,  hand finished and buffed.

These top (and bottom) whorl spindles are light weight and extremely long spinning. The stick end is gently pointed so the spindle continues to spin even when it hits the floor. Excellent for any level spinner.

Choose from two-wooded bowls, single wood bowls or plain wooden whorls.  

See Beginner's Spin Kits below.   

Unique Special Wood spindles are here

Russian Style &

Spin'n Ride I & II Supported Spindles are here

Click on pictures to embiggen

All hand turned one at a time.  

All unique.

Spin'n Ride Supported Spindles - go here

Even Keel Supports too.

Two-toned Bowl Spindles

Beautifully hand turned two toned bowl models .   These spin as well or better than Jim's regular plain spindles but are oh so much prettier. 

  • Weighs about 1 - 1.5 ounces (28 - 42g)
  • shaft = 9.25" /230 mm
  • 2 -3" 50 - 75 mmm) in diameter. 

Each one is unique -

individually turned on both sides

from hand picked woods. 

Choose from:

  • Walnut with maple (center)
  • Cherry with maple (bottom)
  • All shafts are maple

Due to porous differences

we are no longer laminating Purpleheart

with other woods.


You can request a weight.  

We will try to come

as close as possible to meeting your request.

$42.00 each

Choose your Spindle

Bottom Whorl Option $44.00

Choose your Spindle

two wood spindles


Single Wood Bowl Spindles

solid bowl spindles

Each one is unique - individually turned on both sides from hand picked woods. 

Choose from:

cherry, maple or walnut

All shafts are maple.

  • shaft = approx 9.25" /230 mm
  • weighs 0.9 - 1.4 oz /25.5 - 40 g
  • diameter is approx 2.75" / 68 mm


Choose your Spindle

Good morning Susan,

"My package arrived yesterday and the spindles are beautiful! Please thank Jim for me. They are quite a bit lighter than what I had, and far more lovely. I started spinning with the hi- whirl this morning and you can see what I have so far. The bag is perfect and the fiber is a gorgeous color. I am dreaming about what to knit with it already. Thanks again."


Simple Spindles

simple vanilla spindles

top to bottom: maple, cherry, cherry, maple

click on pic to embiggen


"Hi Susan,
The package arrived Saturday. My niece was tickled with it. We played with it a while on Christmas afternoon and I have to say boy, can that thing SPIN! It is fast and it certainly does spin forever. Thanks much!"  JR


Maple and Cherry Bottom Whorl Options $35.00

Choose your Bottom Whorl Spindle
Other Bottom Whorl wood options $35.00
Choose your bottom whorl Spindle

sparkles with spindles and yarn

Hand turned on both sides, of the finest woods Jim can find.

Individually balanced to spin even when they touch the floor.

Maple and Cherry Top Whorl options:

  • Small whorl = approx 2.5" /65 mm
  • Medium whorl = approx 3" /75 mm
  • Large whorl = 3.5" / 85 mm
  • weights vary from 1.1 - 1.5 oz. Please specify if you need a certain weight.


Choose your Spindle

Other woods made to order.

sapelle mahogany, walnut, purple heart, American chestnut

small or medium sizes


Choose your Spindle




Beginner's Spinning Kit 


"I also wanted to give you feedback on the “beginner” spinning kit you sell. The spindle in your kit is awesome! Beautiful wood, beautifully finished, a joy to use. It spins easily, and long enough to allow a new spinner time to work on learning to draft the fibers. I appreciate the fact that the spindle is a “midweight”, allowing exploration of spinning a wide variety of yarn weights, instead of the heavy spindle so many other “beginner” kits use. The brown Corriedale roving and the coordinating dyed Colonial top inspired my first project – I’m plying the two together. How exciting to make a custom yarn!

Thank you for helping me to get started on such a rewarding artform."







Beginning Spindling Kit

Comes with

  • your choice of a hand crafted spindle in simple or bowl 
  • plus 4 ounces of beginning fiber
  • plus free clear instructions.
  • packaged in a gift bag with a gift tag

$50.00 with the Simple Spindle

cherry or maple

$75.00 with a Project Bag





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