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Supported Spindles

by Jim

Hand made of North American and plantation hardwoods by Jim Johnson.  Your choice of several woods,  hand finished and buffed.


All hand turned one at a time.   All unique.

Russian Style Spindles -


Click on pictures to embiggen

spin 'n ride wood supported spindles

Purple heart with maple

Solid purple heart

Solid canary (no longer available as it is too rare)

Solid sapelle mahogany, cherry or maple (not shown)

Cupped towers are turned in your choice of sapelle mahogany (on rt) or maple (on left).

  • Shaft = 7.5"/85mm
  • whorl = 2 - 2.75"/47 -65mm
  • cupped tower heights = 5.5 - 7.5 " /137 - 187 mm

~Made to order for you.

Most towers are 6.00 - 6.5 inches (15-16.25cm)

$89.00 + shipping $9.95

Choose your Spin 'n Ride Spindle
Choose your Tower

"Got it. Love it. Used it for three hours in the car today.
Not only is the spindle beautiful to look at, it spins like a dream.
Thanks for getting it to me so quickly."



"I just got my Spin n Ride and I love it. I am used to a top whirl spindle, but like the YouTube video said, it only took me about 20 minutes to master it!
This is a great idea! I will use it a lot!
Thanks," Valerie


"Thank you very much. My Spin and Ride has arrived safely and really nicely packaged.
Jim has done an amazing job.  It is an amazing combination.  Please pass on my thanks. It feels lovely in my hands. The tower size is exactly right."  Lynne

light border dish dk border dish

Even Keel alone

Spin 'n Ride I

(spin'n ride II below)

Supported Traveling Spindle

Designed for spinning in a passenger seat - car, truck, bus, plane*, train - you name it.

Spindle spin comfortably without disturbing anyone or bending over.

Compact specially weighted spindle and tower cup, all of fine woods.  Comes in a drawstring bag.

Just place the cupped tower on the seat between your legs, twist the spindle and allow it to be supported by the cup while you draft.


These spindles also spin beautifully without the support so when you get where you are going you already have a spindle.

  Just grab yours and go!


supported spindle spin 'n ride

*This spindle set easily passes airport security in the US and Canada. We cannot vouch for any other countries.


Video demo.

Supported Spindles have been around forever. It's our version that is unique.



Spin'n Ride II

The Even Keel Spin'n Ride

While the original Spin'n Ride continues to maintain its popularity, we listened to you all about the hassle of the base needing to have a surface to rest on.

Jim came up with another base

(Thanks to Aaron B).

This one rests on your thighs and is supported by them while it's stabilized by the center keel.

We call this the Even Keel support.


Right now it can be ordered only in maple with any of the whorls we offer. All shafts are maple.

The ceramic dishes are locally hand made so each will be unique. Choose a dark or a light border.

Even Keel Spin'n Ride Set is $75

Just the Even Keel Alone is $40

Just the Even Keel sans dish is $30

Shipping is 9.95


Sitting on your thigh with the keel between them.

Keep your spinning on an Even Keel.

russian spindles

l->r: walnut, maple, mahogany, padauk, cherry & purpleheart. Bases shown in Cherry.

russian spindles up close

zebra spindle zebra spindle

"Oh, my gosh! I got the spindles today and they are gorgeous! They spin beautifully! Now I just need to learn how to use one, but that will have to wait until after I receive it for Christmas! :) Thank you so much."

Russian-Style Spindles

Made to order FOR YOU in your choice of fine renewable hardwoods in Jim's shop here in Central NY.

All woods are naturally colored from sustainably managed forests.

Cherry, Maple and Walnut are grown in the USA. $43.00

Padauk, Mahogany & Purpleheart are from Africa. $49.00

Canary from Surinam. $54.00


Your spindle will weigh 11 - 28g and be 11 - 13" in length. You may ask for a shorter one or a specific length within the parameters listed above. You may ask for it to be on the lighter side or heavier side of 11 - 28g.

Choose your Spindle

"It spins like a dream. Look at that thing go!" Adam

Check out our Even Keel support above.

The bases are being made from Cherry, Maple or Birch.

ROUND 3.5" in diam by 0.625" high $27

SQUARE approx 3" by 3" and 1" high $25

Choose your Base

Unique spindles of all kinds can be found in our etsy shop.

Video of Russian Spindle Spinning

Fleegle showing this technique

Russian Spindling Techniques

"Dear Susan and Jim

The russian spindle arrived today, what a joy!
It is turning just as I wanted and I'm very satisfied,
thank you, thank you very much.

Best greetings from Agnes in Norway."

Beginner's Spin Kits 

Simple Spindles 

Unique Special Wood spindles are in our etsy shop








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