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Baynes Double Drive Wheels   






  • 16 in. (400mm) diameter wheel
  • 35 in. (800mm) from floor to orifice
  • 3/8” (10mm) spindle orifice for spinning a large range of fibers from very fine to light bulky.
  • 6.5 and 8.5:1 whorl ratios. If the bobbin is used it will spin at a ratio of 12:1.
  • Weight Approx. 15 lbs (5.7 kg)
  • 17½" x 15" deep (450mm x 380mm) looking from the top (floor space)

Comes with:

  • Four  5 ounce bobbins
  • Double or Single Treadles
  • Double Drive with a Scotch Tension option
  • Flyer with a pinch/slide hook
  • Integral Lazy Kate
  • cotton drive bands, plus one of our sticky bands
  • Wooden handled orifice hook
  • An extras kit which contains seconds on all hardware pieces --circlip, extra spring, grub/set screw, etc + a spare set of hooks.
  • Clear assembly instructions.
  • Excellent operating instructions
  • GUARANTEE- all parts, materials and workmanship for 2 years.

Baynes Colonial Upright Double Drive Wheels (with optional scotch tension) are made in your preference of double or single treadle.  Also in your choice of unfinished NZ silver Beech, clear finished NZ silver beech or NZ silver beech with a dark stained finish.  No matter which you choose all wheels come with four bobbins, an integral 3 bobbin locking Lazy Kate, a special wooden handled orifice hook and a sliding/pinch hook flyer.

Your new wheel is easily transported to guild meetings on the seat of your car secured with a seat belt. Bobbins will not fall off while being transported because of a clever clip that firmly holds the bobbins onto the built-in 3 bobbin Lazy Kate rack.  This is so neat!

If you buy a finished wheel then the base, main uprights with maiden bar, main wheel, treadle, flyer uprights, flyer and bobbins are all pre-assembled in the box. You just put it together in approximately 30 minutes by following the clear step-by-step instructions.  If you live within driving distance of Ithaca, NY and have ordered a finished wheel, we will have it assembled and in fine working order for you to pick up at your convenience.

If you choose an unfinished wheel there are explicit directions for sanding and staining and finishing the wood before assembling the parts. "The wood is so gorgeous I left it plain. ...  It spins like a dream.  I'm so happy with it.  It was packed so nicely too. I just sat tonight and treadled without spinning to loosen things up."  PD

One of our customers is very creative with color.  Check out her finished wheel on the customer page. loren wheel thumb

A unique feature of the Baynes wheels is the patented flyer unit. The bobbins are easily removed and replaced in seconds without removing the drive band.  Graphite bearings, which have been developed especially for Baynes, make for long smooth quiet spinning.  Most of the wheel is made of solid NZ silver beech while the wheel rim is made of NZ beech veneered MDF composite for extra stability and the bobbins are MDF as well. Well oiled MDF bobbin shafts spin as well as metal bearings.

Treadles are placed in the precise position for your feet to work with a smooth “heel and toe” action, therefore reducing strain on your ankles.  My DH uses his double like a single by trading off feet - left foot for awhile then right foot.

You have complete control of the feed speed by adjusting the double drive or the sensitive scotch tension spring.  The band tension can be adjusted with a threaded knob on the underside of the maiden bar.


Baynes Spinning Wheels are made in a small factory in Ashburton, New Zealand by the Bebbington family. This thoroughly thought out wheel design offers you excellent durability and is backed by more than 25 years experience of manufacturing spinning wheels and a 2 year Guarantee.   Shipping is free.


Please email to me or call with your questions.

Please email or call me with your questions.






Orifice Hook

Turned by Jim

Made especially to fit into the orifice hook hole on the wheel's table, but much sturdier and prettier.

orifice hook

Made of maple or cherry, each turned handle is unique, with a brass hook that fits this wheel just right. $18.50  Please let us know your wood preference.

hook on spinning wheel




















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