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(shown in a color similar to sky)

Knit this hat.

Free pattern

by Donna Druchuna

Make a difference.


We have fingering,

which should be held double,

for this pattern


And a Worsted

in Sky.

Blue Lagoon



Blue Wave Sale

430 yards of fingering per skein

plus 25 yards of undyed.




75% sw merino / 20% cashmere

/ 5% stellina glitz

Blue Lagoon




Cash is very soft

80% sw merino / 10% cashmere

/ 10% nylon

Blue Lagoon





50% sw merino/ 50% tencel

in Jeans



Great Wall worsted

in Sky

200 yards dyed

25 yds undyed





Woody colors     Panda Colors


MORE Colorways in  Woody

Blue Lagoon

blue lagoon woody yarn

"Susan,    The "Blue Lagoon" yarn arrived. It is PERFECT! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's already on the needles."      Lyn

Bistro - Discontinued

bistro yarn

Soft pinks through mauves, with silver greys to dark greys and natural white.



twilight yarn

twilight yarn shawl knit

Silver grays to charcoal, with rich royal reds to maroons. 

Edward finds this time of day the best and we think his love for Bella matches this colorway.



    Blueberry Patch

blueberry patch yarn

Blues through purples and lavenders with a bit of soft green. Delicious.

Coordinates with Jeans & Leaf




Tamarack & Spruce

tamarack & Spruce yarn

One of our Manly Colors - Grayed greens with muted golden brown and rust.


Roses for You

roses for you yarn

A special bouquet of antique Gallica Roses - pinks to peach to orchid with stems, leaves and buds.

Coordinates with Rose & Leaf


Butterfly Bush

butterfly bush yarn

Orchids, bright leaf greens and purples with a hint of white.

Coordinates with Leaf and Orchid


Autumn Sunset

autumn sunset yarn

Rusts, corals, dusty purples all striping together at the end of the day or at the end of your toes.

Coordinates with Cinnamon Stick (below)




hibiscus yarn

A glowing combination of corals, pinks, shrimp and raspberry flowers.

Coordinates with Sunrise (in tonals)


Oak Moss - Discontinued

oak moss merino tencel sock yarn

Shades of moss, sage, neutral ecru and pale peach.  Subtle and upbeat.

Coordinates with Fern Panda yarn.


Sherbert & Ernie

sherbert ernie yarn

Mango, peach, watermelon, banana and lime no calorie delicious flavors.


Coordinates with Fern or Sunrise in tonals.

Viburnum- Discontinued

Available Only on special order of 3 or more skeins.

Another great guy color.

viburnum in tencel yarn

deep burgundy wines with fall leaf greens.



denim socks

All the indigo blues to go with your jeans. 

Coordinates with Jeans


paintbox yarn

Hand dyed such fun colors - Remember that long thin box of water paints you had as a kid?  Now you can have the same fun knitting an abstract painting for your feet or grandchild. Discontinued for the nonce.

Tropical Sea

tropical sea yarn

Take a cooling swim underwater with teal, turquoise, jade and a bit of blue. 

trop sea angora yarn

Swallow tail shawl in angora/merino yarn.

NOTE: Turquoise and teal are bleeding colors. The skeins have been rinsed up to 5 times but may still do some bleeding

Anshan's Biscotti

biscotti yarn

A delightful confection of chocolate, pecans, cookie and caramel colors to delight your knitting palette.

Coordinates with Bark

Clematis Vine

clematis vine yarn

Lavenders and pale orchid with leafy greens.  Lovely flowers twining up  your foot.

Coordinates with Blueberry Pie & Leaf




fingering  & sock yarn




Tonals in PandaYarns

You will find small spots of other colors here and there on your tonal yarn. They are indicative of Susan's special dyeing techniques.


Cinnamon Stick

sunrise panda yarn

pale to mid cinnamon colors. Colorful yet calm.

Coordinates with Autumn Sunset above


jeans panda yarn

All the shades of  your well washed jeans.

Coordinates with Blueberry Patch above

Forest Lake

forest lake panda yarn

A woody muted blend of spruce and green blues.  

Black Cherry/Velvet Merlot

black cherry panda yarn

Mid to dark shades of purples and red violets.

Coordinates with Viburnum


leaf panda bamboo fingering yarn

True leafy greens. Bright and lively with hints of red or purple here and there.

Coordinates with Roses for You, Blueberry Patch, Cattleya Butterfly Bush and Clematis Vine Woody Yarns


Available in PANDA washable fingering yarn


Blueberry Pie

blueberry pie

Muted red violets with blues.

Coordinates with Blueberry Patch


Créme Brulee

creme brulee yarn


Just like the dessert, with a bit of butterscotch.


rose panda yarn

Mauves, rose and pinks.

Coordinates with Roses for You


bark panda yarn

mahogany to chocolatey browns, very rich

Coordinates with Anshan's Biscotti

Handspun knitting kits.

Paynes Grey

paynes grey yarn

Lovely mid greys with a hint of teal

Coordinates with Bistro, Twilight and Tropical Sea



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